About me

Born in Rome of Italian parents who decided to emigrate to Malawi when I was very young, I completed my primary education there, my secondary in Zimbabwe and my tertiary in South Africa.  My first degree was in French and History. I then went on to read Italian and English because my  aim at that time was to do a comparative literature degree. I was a languages teacher for 37 years, in South Africa and in the UK, and never did that comparative literature journey.

While teaching Italian in the UK  over a span of 20 years, I took 14 and 16 year old students  on exchanges to Italy where we went into churches, museums & art galleries. Embarrassed at how little I knew about art, I took an A Level in the history of 20th century art, caught the bug and completed the MA degree course on 20th century history of art, architecture and design at Falmouth in 2004. My dissertation for my MA focused on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and was on the politics of iconic millennium  structures. It was while photographing the bridge that I developed a love of seeing different things in images.

In following the OCA photography course, I want to find out why there is this fascination to capture a fragment of time/detail which is fuelling multi-million dollar industries connected with image-making.  Having now spent four years exploring that fascination, I realise that there is no single answer: that multi-stranded experience keeps on finding more strands…


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My Level 2 OCA Digital Image and Culture unit

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