Assignment 6: Pre-assessment tutorial

The purpose of this assignment is to decide how I’m going to submit my work for assessment.

Reviewing my assignments:  My tutor and I have been reviewing my assignments as we have gone along.

Reviewing my learning log:  My tutor and I have been reviewing this as we have gone along.

I have responded to tutor and peer suggestions as I have gone along. For example, my first presentation of the assignment which evolved in to Assignment 5, had the following observations and replies:

      1. I looked at all the options and chose the numbers which I think represent you. Though this tells you more about me than you Anna. Here are my numbers:
        7,8,10,41 and zero.


  1. That’s brilliant, Edelgard, thank you very much. This element of the selection being more about you than about me is very much part of the concept of the assignment which I did not want to write in because I thought it would have put people off. In Pirandello’s novella, it is only when the protagonist’s wife tells him that his nose curves to the side that he starts to analyse how he sees himself and how his wife sees him! He had always thought his nose was straight & why hadn’t she told him before? He then realises that the image his wife has of him is totally unrecognisable to him – she even gives him a name which is not his own! This is super – thanks again.


  2. The more I think of your assignment, the more I think the images we pick say nothing about you but all about us and our relationship with you. You made it especially hard by giving us images which everyone will interpret differently. It would have been easier had you given us words or categories. But maybe your whole idea was to conceal yourself rather than reveal yourself.

  3. That is a very perceptive comment, thank you.

    When we think of someone, I would think that a visual reference comes up rather than words or languages or sentences. After all, in the novella, it is the protagonist’s appearance, as it is seen by someone else, someone who should know him very well, which gives rise to the whole dilemma – expressed in words!

    It can’t say nothing about me because I either asked for the images or referenced myself in them somehow, so I am in them somewhere to a greater or lesser degree. Thank you so much for adding this! It has made me dig deep!

    Good. It made me think about it too and I came to the conclusion that it also says little about me, because nobody knows how I translate the images.


My learning log is accessible: my tutor has kept an eye on this & has made suggestions as we have gone along.

Apart from the website which will be a URL submission for Assignment 5,  I propose to submit the following physical material for assessment:

  •  My sketchbook / workbook.
  •  Part 1:   Assignment 1:

Image 1: The Stage Set collage.

Tutor amendments

Image 5: Unseen Florence collage.

A Florence of imagined and irrational fun.
An imagined Florence developed through elements of Dadaism, irrational absurdity and fun but still linked to plastic arts, design and time.
  •  Part 2:  Assignment 2.

The book I created on Brexit.

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 18.40.54.png

  •  Part 3: Assignment 3: The critical essay: The digital self.

Part 4: Assignment: Digital identities 1: No submission.

  •  Part 5:  Assignment 5: Digital identities 2: an autobiographical exploration.

The book for 31 10 20 16 : 25

Prints of 3 images from 1950 + 66 




  •  Assignment 6.

Tutor report

Overall Comments

OK this is a refining go around on the carousel again…

Feedback on assignment

I’m going to go through the points I pulled out last time.

But first I’m going to reiterate how I think the diversity of the work properly represents the multiple digital personalities that people inhabit; from my point of view that’s a real strength in the work when perhaps under normal circumstances one would be looking for more continuity in the choice and application of mediums.

Your continuity comes from the creativity of your solutions and your tenacity in applying them.

I’m probably rather pre-empting you here but just as a reminder it’s a good idea to put a final post on the blog introducing the work to the assessor and giving them instructions as to how best to access it.

Going to the website the first thing one notices is that you’ve changed the font; good.

The artist statement is good. I would make the title slightly larger or bolder; just so it catches the eye first rather than going straight into ‘When people…’

The Home page is working well and clicking on the introductory images takes one to the section they’re part of; good.

The navigation arrows either side of the image on screen are rather bigger than they need to be.

‘When you mouseover a menu item on the left it disappears, probably the rollover is set to white text, this is rather disconcerting, having it go Bold or change to a lighter grey would be better.’

There’s now no indication of mouseover on the main menu; apart from 10 + 1 jiggling a bit.

31 10 20 16 : 25

 This section is fine.

‘extra hour to enjoyNelson’ < get someone to proof read the site that’s not working on it if you can.

1950 + 66

 This fine too and the coordinates are a good size.

10 + 1

 This layout works but I think the paragraph at the top would benefit from a smaller font. It feels like it’s pushing the images off the bottom of the screen.


 I think it was a good idea to reveal the grid making the whole thing feel more architectural and accurate; very good, possibilities here for BoW.


 I would put the credit line at the top centred under the images at the very bottom in a smaller font.


As I said before excellent and another possible approach for BoW.

Now the essay should start here.

The content is fine but the text feels a bit slabby. It needs to be broken up into more paragraphs to make it more digestible so it can be speed read, as it will be.

Overall I think it’s appropriate, effective, intelligent, progressive work. It’s just the formatting and presentation that needs polishing to match the quality of the ideas and the thinking.





Learning Log


Suggested reading/viewing

Something good; smiley

Pointers for the next assignment / assessment

‘physicality of my assessment submission’

I literally mean the heft of it. It’s presence on the assessment table as a pile.

I remember one assessment submission was a single CD with something scribbled on it in black marker, slid into a frosted plastic sleeve that had a curling yellow Post It note stuck to it; not a good opening gambit.

I’m preaching to the converted but just make sure the pile looks like it’s worth a good mark at Level 2.

Tutor name Clive White
Date 17/1/17
Next assignment due Finished

Reflections on the tutor’s report:

The positive element is very strong and enabling.  As always, a good mixture of humour and help in delivering the message.

On my website, the navigation arrows  are as small as the web page design will allow.

For the physicality of the assessment submission, I was enquiring about  how much I should include as there is a discrepancy between what is on the student website and what administrators in OCA suggest.  The assessment guidelines state that we must submit all assignments, tutor reports and any amendments following receipt of the tutor reports, whereas staff in OCA say that we need only submit our amended assignments because the assessors can access out originals on our blogs.  I have now clarified it and have printed out all my original as well as amended assignments.

Reworked assignment 6: Digital identities 2

                                  75,287,520  + 1

Because any person is an amalgam of many types of experiences, not all physical, this assignment is presented in different ways.  The modes of presentation cannot be all inclusive but they give the idea that life cannot be expressed purely in images and text.

My website  delivers the assignment using a variety of media: text, images, a video and an interactive roll-over pop-up element.  The artist’s statement on the home page explains why the project is divided in to sections.

The section titled ‘Project rationale’ lays out why the project exists as it does and explains its interactive element.




The Blurb book can be seen here.

This is the PDF of the book published by Blurb.blurb-book-pdf-752875201

The individual books also exist as PDFs printed by me: pdf-books-for-assessment-submission-4pdf-books-for-assessment-submission-5pdf-of-books-for-assessment-submission-1pdf-of-books-for-assessment-submission-2pdf-of-books-for-assessment-submission-3

31 10 20 16 : 25

This is included in the assessment submission as a book in its own right and as part of a five book box set as seen below in facsimile.  It presents the submissions in response to my request to my Facebook friends to let me see what they did in the extra hour they had at the end of October, 2016.


Box set facsimile 1400px .jpg
facsimile of the five-book box set

1950 + 66

This presents my vision of Anthropocene Devon which I traverse on a weekly basis with my family and photography friends.

10 + 1

This references Facebook interactions between people who share my name and surname.


An interactive grid reflecting my architectural interests as well as my curiosity to explore new technology and concepts.


This ‘sampling’ of images from Flick’r reflects my interest in how women are portrayed in social media.


This final element is an autobiographical video hosted on Youtube.


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