My poetry progress so far

Recently, I  signed up to do a 6 week poetry workshop through Coursera because I want to sharpen my ways of expressing myself.  I know that this is a photography blog but I feel that the succinct ways of expressing images are very similar in the 2 forms of expression – it depends on the tools that you use to achieve your aim.

So far:

  1.  Make a still life, a portrait of something using literal images only: the image of abstraction in which the title is the catalyst for the poem

My title: Sucked out: the green bottle of love.

You’re full, full of air

bubbles that enlighten, air

bubbles that fizz and ting, air

bubbles that vanish before the

last trace of water;

bubbles of love

that enlightens, love

that vanishes as the last

touch is crushed, love

sucked out and the stopper

is in place – love’s

hope exhausted, love’s

holder expired.

2.  Write a poem where you limit all your figures of speech.  Refer to a general thematic unity e.g. a single set of ideas

This poem is animal-related.

Shiny like a snail trail you slug through life;

Sharp as an eagle you target your prey;

Sure as a dung beetle you shape your treasure;

Slinky as a sloth you reach the tree tops;

Sheer as 15 deniers your scales cover the snake.

3.  Develop a conceit = much stronger than a metaphor: find two things that are wildly and radically different and make a poem which argues their similarity.

My conceit is the difference and similarity of the phone and the guillotine:

The phone.

You sit there, resolute in your cradle

Mutely shouting at me:

“Nobody calls, you

sit there tapping at your keys,

trying to make contact,

printing out useless interviews,

priceless concepts


Your mute existence and mine

A seamless



Sheared by a guillotine

Of hatred, oiled by

Years of odious put-downs

unspoken but felt:

sharp-tongued, blunt and

acerbic sarcasm

lost on a dull wit

unable to respond or

reverse the call.”

4.  The lipogram:

Pick a vowel and write your own lipogram:

My selection = i/y

Hi five, my kite:

will’s site, kind spite.

Still filled, inky sprites

unite fire’s ice

in life’s trite I,

mindful, blind,

spin my wish into

his digital identity.


There is one more week to go.



2 thoughts on “My poetry progress so far”

  1. Thank you, Catherine. It came surprisingly, very easily and I only had about 10 drafts of it. I just looked up from my desk, saw the 2 objects lined up and they just spoke to me ‘conceitfully’!


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