The start of my sketchbook.

One of the topics for discussion at the last Thames Valley Group meeting was ‘sketchbooks’ and how we use them.  I only started using one, as an experiment, in April, after I had started the DI&G module .  Why was everyone insisting that they were an indispensable tool in their practice?  Why are so many esteemed photographers including their sketchbooks in exhibitions of their work?  I have suddenly realised that my starting with sketchbooks came after an OCA study day to see the “Gathered Leaves” by Alec Soth exhibition at the Science Museum, London, in which his sketchbooks, which I could barely see in the vitrines because I was in a wheelchair, made a very big impression on me.  It also helped that I found his work so inspiring and could see its development in his sketchbooks.

I am putting the first 2 pages of my sketchbook experiment here because fellow TVG member, Anne, blogged that she was not sure how to start her sketchbook & I couldn’t upload my images in the ‘Comments’ section of her blog.

IMG_3305 (1) 2.jpg
Page 1 of my first ever sketchbook.
IMG_3306 (1) 2.jpg
Page 2 of my first ever sketchbook.

Perhaps ‘sketchbook’ does not seem to be the appropriate word at this stage but, later on , this happens:

On the left hand page, there are 4 ‘flaps’ with images which are linked to the ideas underneath.
Ideas on part of an exercise in Part 2

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