TV Group meeting

We met at Bordon which, for me, meant an overnight stay with my eldest and another 90 mins drive on Saturday morning into the depths of I don’t know where but it’s a good thing that Fran in my SatNav knew!

It was a big meeting with 13 members, two of whom were new, plus tutor Jane Taylor.

What did not go well:

  •  Last time I attended a TVG meeting I came away with some good ideas to take my work forward.  This time, although we had some time at the end & I could have put my line out to see what others thought of my ideas, I felt that we had had a long day, people were tired and weren’t prepared for this.  So perhaps in future, a slot could be programmed into the meeting for discussing people’s current work.

What went well:

  •  I enjoyed seeing the continuation of the work  ‘Lifting the curtain’ Keith Greenough has done since his graduation.  I particularly liked the b/w images which seemed like pen and ink drawings which, combined with the art paper he chose to use, made the images look like art miniatures.
  •  I was glad I showed my messy workbook so that those who weren’t used to keeping a sketchbook did not feel they have to be neat and tidy.  Having said that, I did appreciate the neat sketchbooks on show as they looked like works of art in themselves and something I might aspire to in the future.
  • Although the discussion on the series “The Century of the self” by Adam Curtis did not start off well, there were several ideas being batted around the room which made sense to me.  I was pleased to have spent the 4 hours watching the series because, although it was not explicitly about photography, it was about how we see ourselves and how others see us & can choose to exploit what they see for their benefit, purporting  to be doing it for our benefit.  The concept of politicians using focus groups  to garner information about what people want in order to then use that information to keep themselves electable, reminded me of teaching practices in the last 20 – 25 years.    From my viewing, I particularly appreciated the comments made by playwright Arthur Miller on the idea of suffering & I shall be going back to them.
  • Everyone appreciated the effort Richard Down and Catherine Banks put in to organise the meetings to enhance our learning experiences with the OCA distance learning courses.  This  made me feel that I ought to be helping Amano organise events  in the SW as the expense of attending the TVG meetings and the study days in London is becoming quite prohibitive.

2 thoughts on “TV Group meeting”

  1. It was really good to see you Anna and I’m sorry that you don’t feel you got as much out of the meeting as you possibly could have. 6 members’ work was discussed and there was time available for you to do more than talk about your Leporello book.
    I can understand your views around the expense of travelling etc – not only money but time – and it’s great that you made the effort to join us again.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Brighton.


    1. Yes, as I wrote, there was time but people were tired and I did not feel that it was appropriate to raise my work query. The leporello work I discussed was purely to illustrate the sketchbook item on the agenda & I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to do so. I made the effort precisely because I found the previous meetings so valuable & why I feel I need to be doing more nearer home to build up our SW network to get people to connect & discuss.
      It was great seeing you too & I also look forward to meeting up again in Brighton.


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