DI&C: Assignment 3

OCA Photography level 2 Digital Image and Culture Part 3: We are all photographers now. Assignment 3: What is your understanding of the ‘digital self’ and what is the effect of our everyday use of photography upon it. Discuss using relevant case studies and published research.                   […]

Page 79: Exercise 3.4: Post-photojournalism.

Page 79: Exercise 3.4 Post-photojournalism. Brief: Look at the work of one of the practitioners discussed in this project. Write a short analysis of one of their projects or the practitioner’s overall approach. Comment on how appropriate you think their creative responses are. What is your impression of the evolving nature of photojournalism? There are […]

Page 75: ex. 3.3: Breaking the news.

Page 75: Exercise 3.3 Breaking the news. Brief: Read this blog about the New York Post’s image of a man about to be killed by a subway train. Read the details of the blog carefully and write up your own analysis of the event. Comment on the ethical decision of the commuter who took the picture. […]

Page 72, Ex 3.2: a controversial image

Page 72: Ex 3.2 Brief:  Find one or two recent photographs within the public domain that you consider to be ‘controversial’ or to transgress social barriers. Write a short entry in your learning log (up to 500 words) about why you feel it is controversial. A controversial image which transgresses social barriers. From the Mailonline page: […]