DI&C: Assignment 2: The archive

  Brief: Produce a series of related images that use readily available online archive (or archives) as their starting point or subject. Make a small book for this project, using proprietary software, to be viewable online.  In your book, you may use a selection of images from primary sources (your own images) and / or […]

P.45:Ex. 2.2

Write 500 words in your learning log on a piece of work by one contemporary artist-photographer who uses the archive as source material. You may focus on any artist you wish but you may wish to select either: an artist who exhibited as part of the exhibition Archive Fever (2008)  one of the British artists’ […]

“Nobody cares about your photography.”

I have just watched / listened to this vlog (= video blog!!) in which the author (no name given) tries to argue, by giving us ‘a brutal truth’, that “nobody is really interested in your work, that the only way to justify making work is to make stuff ‘that matters’ ( I love the way […]