This references the political game-playing of established, recent and aspiring members of the EU.

P29: Ex 1.3: a short narrative series.

Use readily available images to make a short narrative series of 4 – 6 collages based on a recent or contemporary news event.


The following collages reflect my take on recent news items which cover the recent Syrian refugee crisis.  There is no intention to belittle the plight of the refugees.   My intention is to highlight what I have learned from my recent reading which is the following:

  • The aim of my work is, through illusion, to reflect political disillusionment.
  • In forming interpretations of certain images, we use the context of the whole to suggest possible interpretations of the parts.
  • The fragmented picture makes clear that the picture is an aesthetic artefact: it is subjective, partial & heterogeneous (Burger)
  • Disempowerment  of individuals through government policies.
  • I see this as my visual form of protest.
  • These are images I have made & not taken.
  • The images are inescapable from the cultural context I have chosen to give them.
  • My images represent conflated events which have, by virtue of their new combined placements, created a subsequent imagined event.
  •   The meaning it produces is derived from the context within which it is presented and received.
  • There can never be one final definitive interpretation of these images because their meaning is altered with each new audience and from the network of relations around it.
  • I endorsee Brigit Doherty’s view that ‘montage is a violent vivisection’. (Link 6)
  • The images represent an interplay between truth and hallucination, human nature and history, while they remain simultaneously in political consciousness.



Try the British Virgin Islands 2
Try the British Virgin Islands – go West!


This references the political game-playing of established, recent and aspiring members of the EU.
Can I play too?
The Balmoral cruise liner was recently in the news for having had an outbreak of Norovirus on board.
Can you take on another 226?
B52 bomber dropping refugees.
B52 bomber dropping refugees.B52 bomber dropping refugees.



I have written the following poem on the refugee crisis:


Oblivion calls.

Oblivion calls the smart, bright orange death jackets

crammed in their thousands in RIBs fit for few.

From the seas, their serial numbers morph

into disembodied numbers

pushing swirls of colourful arrows

up and up and round and round

over maps

of rich, utopian Europe,

illustrating their flight and opening

barren debate after barren debate

by the Group of 8, G10, G12, G18, G22, G24 ….


In their race they smash and crash into

quickly-found, seven-million-pound,

quickly-raised fences

real enough to cling to,

ambiguous enough to bring sharp focus to

their dystopian oblivion.




Mitchell,W.J.: The Reconfigured Eye : Visual Truth in the Post Photographic Era. MIT.Press


5 thoughts on “P29: Ex 1.3: a short narrative series.”

  1. I also found them thought provoking and an interesting response to a contemporary issue that we are sure to see more of in years to come. I live in a multicultural country and yet many people here are anti-refugees, and the Australian policy regarding so called (wrongly) “illegals” is shameful. See artist Alex Seaton and his take on the Australian issue here:


    1. Thanks, Selina, for your like, comments and suggestion. I have to replace my first collage which I had to take down because it contravened OCA
      guidance on what we can and can’t use – so your guardian article will be very useful!


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