Landscape work at the “artwavewest”Contemporary art gallery, Morcombelake, Dorset.

Some really inspiring landscape pieces at the ‘art wave west’ gallery in Dorset made my hands itch to get going on the landscape module.  Of particular interest for me was Claire Smith’s ‘Aerial 3’  58cm x 63cm (above)

The highly tactile abstracted aerial views show us the artist uses gesso to produce fragmented ‘sculptural’ pieces of the landscape and places these pieces together like a jigsaw to create an aerial view of the landscape. In one of her other Aerial pieces, she has cut away the gesso & replaced it to complete the square / rectangular piece thereby introducing a deeper 3D version of he work.  The dashes at the bottom of the image above are metal sections in bas relief & I challenge anybody not to touch them! They are irresistible!  There are more subtle textures in the piece created by embedding textiles in the gesso.  This work reminds me of the aerial work by Edward Burtynsky and Emmett Godwin who make salient points about how landscapes are altered through man’s involvement in them.

Other work which interested me was that involving oil painting on aluminium sheets by Donna Goold and Feona Ness.

Donna’s very fine brush work lets the aluminium shine through making it look like very fine wood grain.

Heavens above by Donna Goold

Fiona Ness, on the other hand, creates exquisitely delicate work without showing any reference to aluminium, so I am not really sure why she has used such an expensive base, which she primes with white paint, for her work:

Landscape by Feona Ness

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