MoMA: Seeing through photographs

I have just successfully and on time finished the 6 week course produced by MoMA & offered by Coursera.   The course was very informative, the reading extensive and the contemporary photographers mostly thought-provoking.

The 3 photographers I found most thought provoking  and who will, in all probability, influence my future work were:

Walid Raad, founder & sole member of “The Atlas Group” (1989 – 2004) & his testing the veracity of photographs in his work “My neck is thinner than hair”(2003 – 2004)




Ilit Azoulay: subjective visual archive of the cities she has visited in which the meaning of the images depends on their context and on the audio support to the exhibitions.  I enjoyed the following work because of its topological layout which reflects the topography of its subject city :


“Shifting degrees of certainty” (2014)

Anouk Kruithof: Subconscious traveling deals with image circulation and obsolescence.  Her work uses empty film sleeves she found in a family album.  She arranges the sleeves in a random manner to depict a fictitious journey.  She photographs the arrangements using a flash which gives a bleached spot on the image and presents the arrangement behind glass: the viewers then project their own fictitious journeys when the see themselves reflected in the glass.  This seemed absurd to me initially until I thought about the panoply of images reflecting where we have all been through other people’s images & here, we take a journey nobody else had taken: one found only in your own mind & it’s that fictitious landscape that interests me.




There were 10 question quizzes on each of the 6 sections & I really enjoyed those.  I have received the following email from the course planners and no,  I am not certificating because I don’t see the point – I was in it for the ride not the ticket, besides which, the email does the formalising as far as I am concerned.







2 thoughts on “MoMA: Seeing through photographs”

  1. Well-done Anna, especially on completing yet more reading. Ilit Azoulay is a new one for me. I think Raad’s work is fascinating in the creation of his fictional Collective.


  2. Yes, the reading did get a bit heavy at times. I am very pleased I did the course – very fast & immediate results in the quizzes! They have lots of different photography and general art ones. I might try some of the others. Thanks for your continued encouragement.


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