Landscape work at the “artwavewest”Contemporary art gallery, Morcombelake, Dorset.

Some really inspiring landscape pieces at the ‘art wave west’ gallery in Dorset made my hands itch to get going on the landscape module.  Of particular interest for me was Claire Smith’s ‘Aerial 3’  58cm x 63cm (above) The highly tactile abstracted aerial views show us the artist uses gesso to produce fragmented ‘sculptural’ pieces of the landscape and places these pieces together like a jigsaw […]

MoMA: Seeing through photographs

I have just successfully and on time finished the 6 week course produced by MoMA & offered by Coursera.   The course was very informative, the reading extensive and the contemporary photographers mostly thought-provoking. The 3 photographers I found most thought provoking  and who will, in all probability, influence my future work were: Walid Raad, founder & sole member […]