exhibition review: In Parallel: Edgelands by Andrew Rowe


For me it was seeing pieces which were similar to the ones I have taken on my edgelands project.

Hearing the artist talk about his work, his references & his inspiration = how the work evolved.

Seeing the different materials he used in producing & experimenting with his pieces.

Hearing the views of the others who were there.

Seeing his Blurb book on the photos he took which inspired his art work, and the creative writing which accompanied each photo – with the cough as a leitmotif throughout the writing.

Drawing inspiration from the different materials he used in what looked like his experimental pieces     for what I could use to explore the edgeland space, textures and intersections in the spaces he painted.

Hearing a veiled criticism of the work as being too pretty.


 Art exhibition talk on his Level 3 art work by artist Andrew Rowe: In Parallel
 I travelled up from Devon for the talk.
When: Wednesday, 16th March, 2016
Curator: Andrew Howe
Location, Setting, Atmosphere:

In an art studio space in a shopping centre in the centre of Shrewsbury.

Because there was other art visible, it did not feel as cavernous as it could have done.

Given the context, the atmosphere was relevant.


What I took away with me (about the work, about me)

About the work: To be bold in experimenting with different materials.

The use of different colours to experiment with mood and atmosphere.

There was no idea about what the artist thought about the spaces he depicted – was he for or against the creeping urbanisation of the landscape?

About me: To widen my view of my edgelands to include different textures and intersections in the spaces.

To decide what I think of it & how I want to represent it using light, colour and textures.

Do I see a socio-political expression in my work? Do I want it to be there? Is it more documentary than landscape?


3 stars

·       Public space

·       Art context

·       Good to have a n interested, knowledgeable audience

1 wish

* that the artist could have talked about his individual pieces.


Example of work




Read Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: A history of walking.

Research Yi-Fu Tuan 1977 & “Love of the local by Lucy Lippard.

Collage of Julie Mehretu & Mark Bradford.

Stephen Willats multimedia approach covering presence, identity, behaviour, components and fabric of a place.

Next steps: Expand my coverage to include sea / land.



2 thoughts on “exhibition review: In Parallel: Edgelands by Andrew Rowe”

  1. Hi Anna, it’s very interesting to hear your views of my exhibition. I’d like to refer to this in my evaluation of the exhibition if that’s OK. I hope your journey home was OK.

    I’m surprised you found no idea about what I thought about the landscapes depicted. Whilst I deliberately sought to leave some ambiguity and challenge or subvert some typical preconceptions, about business parks for example, by use of colour, style, motifs, multiple subjectivities, I thought a painting like ‘This Space’ was unequivocal in expressing my view.
    It was a shame you and others did not get to hear about individual paintings; I obviously did not make it clear enough that I intended to do this after the initial talk – most people dispersed immediately, before I got a chance to give a guided tour of 4-5 of the paintings.
    Did you pick up one of the handouts? I can email this and a copy of my presentation, if that would be useful?
    If you have the time and inclination, I’d be interested to discuss in more detail. My email is andrew@andrew-howe.com.


    1. Hi Andrew, Of course it’s ok for you to refer to this in your evaluation, if you find it useful in that respect. Which painting was “This space’? I explained that it was not evident from your paintings if you were for or against the creeping urbanisation – perhaps that was a reflection on the similarity of the pale colours used in your work? I have found that, often in my work, I do not make it clear what my thoughts are although I think I do & I have made this point in the section of what I took away from your work about me & my work = it is a learning tool for me. I would really like to discuss this further so that I can clarify it for me too.
      I heard that you were going to talk about the pieces but when everybody disappeared, I thought it was time to go, sorry. The hand out I picked up was the one you gave me which had the reading list and some of the quotations you used.
      As a photographer, I really appreciated the Blurb book with your creative writing – particularly the ‘cough’ motif referencing the effects of creeping urbanisation & its concomitant pollution. I briefly referenced this in the review but the space was limited.
      Of course I would love to discuss the work in more detail. anna@goodchild.biz


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